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Labour india Educational Group has conducted U.N REPLICA 2016. A replica of the U.N. General Assembly and Security Council in its campus on 11th and 12th November2016.

School Visit
A first hand experience in aVillage School. Interaction with primary school Students and teachers on 30th September 2016.

Bio farming
Direct experience in farming in own campus of the College.

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Prof. Jose P Mattam

As is the teacher, so is the nation. A teacher can either make or mar the nation. good teaching can compensate many other deficiencies in the school they work. Poor teaching nullifies the effect of almost all favourable conditions for learning. In the absence of effective teachers, the programme of education becomes a case of wastage of time, economic resource and valuable human measures. Without good teachers even the best system of education is bound to fail. In the present society of India, the role of the teacher will have to be shaped in the light of the changing demands on the school. The phenomenon of globalisation has spread to all walks of life including education. “ Investment in teacher education can yield very rich dividends, because the financial resources required are small when measured against the resulting improvements in the education of the millions”. According to Kothari Commission, “first rate training institutions can thus play a crucial role in the development of education”.

It is with this view that the Labour India Management entered the field of Teacher Training. The chairman Sri. V. J. George Kulangara, who thinks  in a different line in matters related to life in general and education in particular, got the inspiration and courage to erect a B.Ed College, at the top of this Labour India Hills. He had practical wisdom to identify the need for a team of teachers who would internalise his special educational view that ‘Education is the birth right of every child and every child is born with immense potentialities; which would be gently touched and softly bloomed by the expert hands of a human teacher’. Now, I think, his dream has been fulfilled to a great extent. We are in the way of forming a team of such 100 teachers!.

Labour India college of teacher education was founded by Mr. V. J. George Kulangara in his hometown Marangattupilly in Kottayam, Kerala, India. It was in pursuit of his vision for a school that would mean a significant difference to the future of the world.

The College is owned by the Labour India Educational Society, Marangattupilly, Kottayam and is affiliated to the M.G. University, Kottayam.

Our motto: “Together We Labour, Together We Learn” appropriately sums up our commitment to the cause of education and its resultant labour. Reason again, why we have emerged as one of the premier institutions in the Country today.

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